A Portfolio of Thoughts on Education and Informal Learning Environments
My undergraduate capstone thesis.

Comparative Spectral Sensitivities of Six Species from the Noctuoidae
One of the research projects I did at Bennington.


I built a live exhibit about insect neurophysiology. More media here.

A puzzle game inspired by cellular automata that I am currently working on.

See my github for various coding projects.


Atticus Lazenby
Electric Guitar for Atticus Lazenby's smoking senior show.

Riley Skinner
Upright/Electric bass on a bunch of albums.

Soulemayne Badolo
I worked as a dance accompanist for Solo for a couple years, and composed some music for one of his pieces.

The Hammersharks
A brief foray into funk bass.


Library Duet
A site specific dance work I made with Emma Villavecchia. Jury selected to be shown at the 2013 University of Utah ScreenDanceFest.

Library Duet Music Video
An abridged version of the above duet, set to music!