Lunch with the Financial Times

Mon 19 August 2013

Despite it's occasional snoodiness, the article series Lunch with the Financial Times will make both your brain and your mouth salivate. I think what I like most about it is the interesting opinions that get mentioned only in passing, leaving you to do the unraveling:

Carolina Herrera

“It’s quite useful to have your children in the company,” says Herrera. “They tell you immediately if they don’t like something.”

Jeremy Deller

Flustered by all the comings and goings, I find myself asking Deller whether he is interested in “relational aesthetics”, a term coined by French art critic Nicolas Bourriaud to describe the kind of artwork that, like Deller’s, might be said to create a kind of community. Deller, who started to shake his head at “relational”, says that reading art theory makes him anxious but admits he thinks good art shouldn’t try to do anything useful, and doesn’t like the way art gets co-opted by politicians to solve social problems.